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Photography has been one of my hobbies since I was a teenager. As a professional earth scientist I have been travelling, working and living in many countries around the world. In combination with my passion for the “great outdoors”, in particular mountain hiking, this has offered many opportunities to pursue my photographic interests.

For over 40 years I have been using Nikon and Canon (d)SLRs. Currently I am mainly using full-frame cameras such as the Nikon D800 and D600/610, with a limited number of professional (zoom)lenses, plus Sony's RX100 Mark V high-end compact camera. Using quality photographic equipment with large size sensors is important, since these offer a higher dynamic range and markedly higher signal-to-noise ratio, and thus give visibly better results, especially in landscape photography and low-light environments.

However,  the photographer creates the image - the camera is merely the tool to capture the scene. Given the major improvements in camera technology, the critical factor is rarely the camera equipment used. Instead, an evocative image often reflects the alignment of the photographer's mind and the subject. In my experience, the critical factors for a memorable photo are (a) the subject - being somewhere special at the right time in terms of light (early morning and late afternoon are the 'golden hours'), (b) creativity, in particular regarding composition, and (c) patience to wait for the right moment or conditions.

Photography offers a life-long opportunity for learning, not just in terms of imaging techniques, but in particular about the fascinating celestial body we live on - Planet Earth.

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Earth and the surrounding atmosphere display an immense variety of continuously changing and evolving shapes, forms, colours and hues at all scales - a true 'Terra Magica'.

Big three-dimensional features on Planet Earth, ranging from very slowly evolving mountains and landscapes to fleeting objects such as clouds and waves, constitute wonderful photographic subjects. The challenge is to capture the essence of such large spatial objects in the two-dimensional world of photography. I try to put a personal perspective on my subjects, e.g. through repeated observations under different circumstances such as changing weather and light conditions.

Exploring our 'Terra Magica' with a camera and a creative state of mind is a fascinating way to enjoy nature in all its forms. Taking the time to make photographs slows down the pace, concentrates the mind, and helps one appreciate the surroundings more - often leading to observations and/or small discoveries which otherwise would have been missed.

The images featured on this website hopefully provide inspiration for your next activities,  travels and/or photographic exploits, or trigger a desire to know more about a certain country, location or subject.

About this Website :

My website features a selection of my photographs, covering landscapes, different environments and habitats, people, wildlife and a wide range of other subjects. The galleries are regularly updated with selected new photographs or older images from my digital collection. Images have undergone only limited processing - I like them to be a reliable representation of reality.

My Home page displays a random slideshow of images, plus digital links to five Collections. Each of these Collections contains a series of photo galleries dedicated to a specific theme or subject. At the bottom of the Home page is a Search option - allowing you to do a quick check if a certain country, location, subject or topic is featured on this website.

Within the photo galleries, thumbnails are shown on the left. If there are more pictures than currently displayed, click the < or > buttons or the page navigator below the thumbnails to navigate through the whole gallery. Larger versions of the images are shown on the right, with a caption below.

To view a full-screen slideshow of all images in a particular gallery, simply click the ‘Slideshow’ button in the top right corner. The slideshow can be navigated using the < or > buttons on the screen; alternatively, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Return to the gallery view by using the X button at the top right, or using the Escape button on your keyboard.

All images on this website are photographs made by Jeroen Peters (Amsterdam, 1958), except the above picture of myself swimming with a manta ray in the partially submerged Monokini volcanic crater in Hawaii which was shot by my son.

Images are copyrighted © Earthfocus by Jeroen Peters, and may not be reproduced or used for any commercial purposes, in whatever form, without permission. If you are interested in one or more images, you can contact me by e-mail here.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Maria Christodoulou, my beloved wife and enthusiastic travel and hiking partner, together with whom I explored our beautiful planet for more than 37 years, until her untimely death in early 2016.

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